I am also a professional Theatre Director which makes it natural for me to co-operate with dancers, actors, performance artists and musicians. I find it extremely rewarding to share ideas and working methods with other artists equipped with different means and ways of expression. Making a new performance is always a new journey, like finding a new continent.

Bambu Hellstedt


Performance Art pieces:

2005 ‘Tabloid Headlines and Shakespeare Sonnets’, dada rap performance with actors Irina Pulkka and Lorenz Backman. Artotek 10yrs festival, Helsinki City Library
2002 ‘DadaPoem Performance’ with actors Niina Nurminen and Lorenz Backman. Poems by the delicate modernist Finn, Edith Sodergran and the enigmatic Russian futurist, Vladimir Mayakovsky. The performance depicts an imaginary relationship between a freedom and equality-loving woman and a fierce, demanding but affectionate man. Western and Eastern, female and male spiritual climates and values meet in an energetic wrestle of minds, souls and bodies. Cable Gallery, Helsinki
2001 ‘The Bridge of Sighs’, intermingling love poems by Finnish poets Edith Södergran, Tommy Taberman, Eeva Kilpi, Arja Tiainen etc.with actors Karl-Christian Rundman, Niina Nurminen and Lorenz Backman. With ‘The Ugries’, poems from Kalevala and Kanteletar with Eija Temisevä Group. Art Cable Factory 10-years festival, Helsinki
2000 ’Man, Woman and Mobile’ with dancer Sinikka Gripenberg and performance artist Heikki Mantymaa and musician and composer Ippe Katka. Man is in his glass-built office sharing his loneliness with a mobile, increasing and falling economic rates - and his secretary. Gallery Pirkko-Liisa Topelius, Helsinki